Saturday, December 31, 2005

Holiday Season

New Year's Eve Today

Holiday Season coming to an end. Setting resolutions for myself to allow more time to relax and create - if not physically create, create mentally. Two children are making it hard to spend too much time creating ABs, but I can always THINK about my creativity and spend the few moments each day or so DOING it... That is my newest way to work - it has to be.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

December - no November Posts

Visiting my blog today I was very surprised that I didn't post anything in the month of November. Kind of a rough one with the acclimation to the newest family member. However, I am back, feeling good, and actually doing some work in my studio.

I am excited for the holiday season - it feels good, something to really embrace. Some years I don't feel ready for it, this year, with our little boy almost 3, his excitement is contagious.

My goal before Christmas is to post at least 2 pages from my latest altered journal - which is really becoming just an altered book and less of a journal than the first one. But I'm liking it a lot!