Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine Spread

I created this spread to honor Valentines day... wanted to do a vintage-like spread.

I created the valentine from a doily and sequins and ribbon. The woman is a packing tape transfer, the flower bouquet comes from a book on flower arranging.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Two New Creations

I have completed two new AB spreads in the last few days. Both I had been working on for quite a while - a little work here, a bit or bob there... But is sure feels good to get some artwork done. I especially like the nine sectioned spread that I put a lot of myself into - a lot of bits of me are represented and a lot of new materials/found materials incorporated.

New materials used: Slide mount embellished with stamp pad ink, turquoise glaze I recently bought (love the color and bought a large bottle) and a wash of Gold PearlEx powder over that.

The stem of leaves on the top right is from a placemat that I had on display on a shelf for many years. When it got ruined with water spilling from a plant, I decided to cut it up and save the applique leaves. The "G" is a metal letter purchased which I embellished with inks and embossed with powders. The sequins come from a collection I inherited from my husband's crafty grandma. And everyone asked me "what will you do with all that junk?" Junk it is not, it is now keeping me creative, just as it did for Grandma.

The puzzle piece is something I am proud of - I just inked and embossed it today using the puzzle piece colors (purples and greens) to inspire it. There has been a lot of discussion about using puzzle pieces in AB's on the AB listserv so I have been anxious to try using the puzzle I bought just for this purpose. The stamp seen in the same box is from a recent purchase through a "Stampin Up" party. Fun to use new tools immediately.

The third box on the top includes a packaging tape transfer done - This is such a cool technique. Owls are fascinating to me and I often hear (and sometimes see) them on my late evening walks with the dog. "Great things in small packages" is wording that came off of a package of Revolution Tea (see bottom left corner box) - it reflects my lifelong love with small things - dollhouse minatures being one of my first crafting passions.

Box 4 - Time and the Clock - such a theme in my life currently and always. I love planning and looking ahead and looking behind (the other new spread I uploaded is a good example of my thinking of time - past and future). I have been experimenting a lot with altering images with stamp pad inks and this clock and word "time" are examples of this "aging" effect.

Middle box - the face stamp is one of my favorites and represents so much I think. The squished bottle cap is something I found on the side of the road and was going to use the other side that has writing on it on this spread, but as I turned it over and saw the back with the rusted orangy color, I had to attach it bottom side up.

Box six, far right middle - the first box I I filled as one day I was punching tags from my tag punch from paper I had laying around. I was fascinated with the cool images I could use as tags. The map/time/travel theme of these tags reflect my life since adopting from Korea. The "one" brad I used to attach the tags is remniscent of our "One" family that has now been complete. The fibers and bead attached to the tag add a lot of dimension to this "box" in my opinion.

Box seven, far left bottom corner - I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES and especially love the mini file folders I found. I used my favorite face stamp to embellish and used PearlEx powders - a new favorite of mine now that I know how to use them. The mini tag inside says "family."

Box eight - middle bottom - the Korean Gingeng tape I have been holding onto since our first trip to Korea that came off of the box of Korean Ginseng traditional tea we bought. Korea - my children - my new life that includes this culture... what more need I say.

The last box, box nine, far right bottom - A part of the Revolution Southern Mint Herbal tea box and a picture of mint. My favorite tea. I like how I embossed the box/tag and have it hanging over the edge of the page.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hi Nahyun!

Hi Nahyun -
I just sent you an email telling you about my blog. I hope you come visit and see what I do with my creativity. Scroll down to "Green Tea Treats" to see pictures of our memory of O'Sulloc Tea House with you!
Geri :)