Friday, January 20, 2006

Latest Altered Book Pages

Finally I am getting the opportunity to post some new pages I've created in the last month or so. I have little time to create and whenever I get new "stuff" I only have the chance to set it on my work table and then I have no room to create even for a few short minutes. So, I spent a little time cleaning it off and can take five minutes here and there to get some creative work done.

This spread is Asian inspired - I've collected a lot of Asian materials. The background is wrapping paper I have been dying to use - I love the colors and dragon design. The large fan is from Martha Stewart Living magazine, from an article on decoupaging. The fortune - appropriately about "family" comes from a fortune cookie I opened after a Chinese meal.

This spread was inspired by the "ball" ornament that was in a scrapbook magazine ad, advertising a new line of scrapbook paper. I loved the colors and they were not something I typically use in my artwork. I painted the background with a matching cranberry acrylic paint, painted some paper with colors that were similar to the greens and blues in the ornament and then cut tags out of the papers. I found that I had ribbon that matched and used a buckle that appropriately said "spirit." I think this spread depicts the Holidays quite well.

I love this spread - the photo does not do it justice unfortunately. I began by gluing down circles cut from an ad in a magazine that had great "vintage" colors. I then glazed with a turquoise-like green color. I added metallic purple with a nailpolish color that really is more appropriate for young girls than "old" women like me. I loved the effect on paper - not so much on my fingernails. I don't really feel like this spread is done yet, but I just cannot make myself ruin the background look to it that I love so much. Maybe this is the way it will stay.

This spread is a tribute to my dog, a cockapoo named "Lewis Charles." The pictures are cut from a children's book from the 1950's my sister in law gave me. I used silver inkpad to create the "vintage" look background.

This spread has a background from a magazine that was very peaceful and looked like a place I would like to spend time... The orange flowers made me think of the orange leaves that were on the trees at the time with it being autumn. I pressed some leaves from our yard and attached them with matte medium. I love the effect. The other part of the spread it my journaling that day.