Thursday, November 12, 2009

Couldn't Resist Posting

This is a picture Jaden recently brought home from school. He said it was from kindergarten. Maybe it was something his last year teacher found and sent home with him. However it got it home now, I was tickled when I saw it. The translation for the words... "I want to go upnorth." It was nice to see his plans for the summer and that he loves upnorth-the place we go for a week each summer. The two main components of the picture (besides his family) are the cottage and the fire pit AND the wood wagon we use to get the firewood from the woodpile down the hill to the pit. How cute is this that he included this! The yellow light is coming from a big round sun that didn't scan. But I loved how the sun goes into the house and illuminates it as evidenced by the yellow in the windows! This picture provided a little light into who he is and what he loves. I love it.