Saturday, September 29, 2007

First ATC and First Swap

I made my first ever artist trading cards! I saw a swap with an Asian theme and knew this was a great thing for me with my asian interest and my many asian related materials I collect. Here are the results. I made 11 cards that are almost identical - a few variations here and there. I'll send them out this next week and get new ones from other artists. I like the way these turned out.
  • Background - asian themed napkin (bamboo)
  • Origami paper (red and green)
  • Mesh like "paper" from Loose Ends
  • Leaves that fell from my neighbor's tree
  • Off white Korean writing - from a tea bag - "Korean traditional tea"
  • Seed beads

Monday, September 17, 2007

Finally Another Post

Finally stealing a moment to update my blog. Wish I spent more time on it, documenting the important moments. Maybe now that I have a new job and seemingly a bit more "free" time. Hard to believe a new full time job will allow me to have some me time, but that is exactly how it sounds it will be. Back to my artwork... need to get the inspiration flowing. This photo is our boy on our summer vacation in a park by a lake in a small town. Loved the tree, J loved the freedom of bike riding like a madman!