Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sweet Baby Girl

Does it look like our baby girl loves her rice cereal? Yep! Life has surely changed with another child in the house - but has definitely been a wonderful change.

Have had a bit of time to work in my studio - sometimes with her in her little chair watching me or drinking a bottle. Finally finished my first altered journal and began a second. It was a freeing process to finish up the one - although I am still trying to get inspiration for completing the cover.

Starting the second journal has been fun too. I have been using some of my clippings from my files and using images that are pleasing to me - trying to keep myself upbeat and awake - sometimes I can get so tired these days!

I hope to photograph some of my journal pages soon and upload them. I just read about creating a book/journal using a magazine. This sounds interesting and something I'd like to try.

I am also back trying to get my studio organized since I mostly just stuffed things into drawers and cubbies as I was setting it up before our trip to Korea. Now I want to really get organized so my limited time working in my studio is productive and creative without feeling unorganized.

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