Monday, November 20, 2006

{Leaf }

Thinking about my obsession with leaves and trees. I especially love trees in the winter when all the leaves are off - you can really see the structure of the tree. I think they are gorgeous when they are naked. Peg says she thinks its sad - but I see them as being exposed, their structures bared for the appreciative observer like me. Thought I'd post my tree/leaf wall in our family room.

The leaf mask was made by my brother in law - a metal artist. Jim won it for having the best costume at their Halloween party a few years ago. It is so cool. I'm so glad he won for his "head on the table" costume he spent much time creating (and is sitting in our attic).

The Gallerie Michele poster is special. We saw it in Williamburg Virginia when we were dating and taking a day trip from Jim's place in Baltimore. I admired the "naked" trees and we walked on. For an upcoming holiday, I received it as a gift. He traveled all the way back to buy it for me! So sweet.

The oak leaf is a real leaf found in my yard... don't know where it blew in from, as there are no oaks I know of close by. It's been stuck up on the wall for a couple of years.

I plan to let leaves and trees begin to impact my artwork as they are truly a reflection of me.

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