Sunday, November 05, 2006

November is here and today a gorgeous 50+ temperature - perfect day for cleaning out the garage. I still had all my teaching materials stashed in boxes waiting to be sorted and thrown out or placed in the attic. It took all day to go through things and my 20 boxes are now winnowed to 12. Still too many, but I'll need time to get over my past life and a few years to feel good about tossing things.
I have posted this tag here as a reminder and commitment to myself - I would like to create a "tag" for each book that I read. I read about this idea and thought it would be a great way to immortalize my reading and my literate life. I think it would give me a good excuse to find a few "Stolen Moments" and create. So, here is my pledge. With every book I read (over 32 pages - no children's picture books unless I find one so motivating and scintillating) I will create a "tag" and display them in some way, possibly including them in my altered books.

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