Saturday, January 13, 2007


Today the doorbell rang and flowers were delivered - along with a small bottle of champagne and a little box of Godiva chocolates? To what do I owe this wonderful gift?? It's not my birthday, not our anniversary... but no, not from my husband, but from a friend. The flowers came from a friend who I SHOULD be thanking, not her me! She is thanking me (and my coauthor) for allowing her to be a part of our success. Well, she and her students ARE chapter 10 and we should have sent HER the flowers for her time and expertise.

They are gorgeous - I love the orange and yellow combination. What a beautiful way to brighten a cloudy cold winter day. Thank you so much Kathi. You are an inspiration to me with all you do in your classroom and beyond - hope to see your book about your professional endeavors published soon.

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