Wednesday, January 03, 2007

{New Year in my stolen moments studio}

I have been reading everyone else's blogs stating their resolutions and their plans for the new year, but have been hesitant to post my own (or even do too much reflecting on them). I guess I better, though, as I typically like to focus on the direction I want my life to go. Without doing this, I might just be letting things slip by without giving it my attention and the energy.

Above is an altered book spread I made within the last week - taking stolen moments to complete it between Christmas and New Year's day. My sweet husband had the "stolen moments studio" stamp made for me for Christmas. The patterned tissue paper is what it was wrapped in and I thought I should made a page that immortalizes my small, but happy studio. I also discovered two colors that I like together while making this page: black and pink.

So, on with my new year reflections and goals:
  • Get new job - I have a good prospect on the horizon - I'm cofident, but don't want to be too confident, however.
  • Although this is not something I really want to do, my husband is telling me it should be done: get back to scrapbooking our family's life. I really have let it go by the wayside since doing altered books. But he is right, it needs to be done as we have tons of pictures and we want our children to have memories. I just won't make them as elaborate as I have in the past. Although, I do credit my work with scrapbooking as one of the impeti (impetuses? :) for getting into altered books.
  • Relax more in a productive way - this may sound contradictory, but I mean it in a way that is beneficial to my family, not as a lazy way. I want to relax and play and enjoy the kids more, not think that relaxing means time only for myself. This time is important too, but I need to "play" and just "be" more with the kids.
  • Get back to gardening - my veggie and herb garden especially
  • Creative goal: Get started on keeping track of all books I read in 2007 by making a "tag" for a book. I discussed this in an earlier post, but since I am in the process of reading the first book of the year, now is a good time to (re)start.

That's it for now... as I think more about this, I may post more - however, I don't want to "blog" :) myself down with too many goals that may not get accomplished.

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