Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Perspective Journal

I decided to finally do something with the children's book on "perspective" that I have had for a while. I love the size and square shape and the pictures are all about how you look at something. Why not use it as a journal for spring - it's short and with spring just peeking out, I have myself a new project! Something that will have an "end." So here is the front cover and the back cover.

I like the cover because it includes part of a discarded book jacket from a children's book, "Seeds and Leaves." It is from the book my Auntie Joan used when I taught her how to "do" altered books. She had me keep the jacket - as she quoted me, "Keep everything - you never know what you will use with your altered books." And I did - it was the perfect starting point for my journal. Also layered on is printed tissue paper and some "garden" ribbon from the $1.00 rack at Michaels. Rub ons used for the title.

The back cover includes some "scrap" paper I used for a scrapbook page ions ago and a great leaf cut from a magazine. I just don't use magazine pictures enough - there are some great things that can be had.

The inside of the book is altered as well, ready for my journaling - which I did start this week. Maybe will post some of those spreads when the writing is done.

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