Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Asian Swap Artist Trading Cards

Just finished the ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for a swap related to the Asian New Year. I decided to make them all different this time (I typically make ATCs for a swap all the same). Some of these I like better than others. Plus, I made an extra that I can keep for myself... not sure which one I want though :)

The backgrounds of all the cards are the same - I used a Korean text wrapping paper (from a gift from one of our Korean "daughters." On top of that I included bird and foliage images cut from Japanese rice paper napkins that are very delicate.

Year of the Tiger - 2010, I used the tiger from a Chinese "red envelope" that Claire got at school as one of her classmates shared her Chinese heritage.
I like this ATC a lot, even though it is not complex in its design. The dragon comes from some cool wrapping paper I have used in other artwork. The tassel is Korean and one we purchased when in Korea.
For this card I used "sea glass" found on Milwaukee area beaches on our annual Father's Day walk on the beach. Although not Asian (I wonder if sea glass washes up on Asian beaches too), the green color was a nice complement to the bird picture and adds some dimension to the card.

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Okispice said...

These are very beautiful, and as to the sea glass, yes it washes up on beaches all over the world. I live in Japan and have jars and jars of it!