Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bathroom Vignette

This is a view of one of the walls in our tiny, tiny powder room right off the kitchen. All the pieces here have significance. Although the room is small, it is decked out in things that speak to me.

The paint color is "Stone" - I love the color and name. The shelf I painted myself years ago after we had the bathroom redone. I used green acrylic paint and wiped on some gold paint. To make a towel holder, I attached two hooks which you can't see well from this photo - but a gold beaded tassel hangs from one hook and the handtowel from the other.

The hanging clay piece of artwork has wheat sheaths embedded and pulled out to leave an impression. Jim and I bought this piece years ago at the Cedarburg Wine Harvest Festival - a yearly event for us. I love the naturalness of this piece. The topiary came from my brother in law many years ago at Christmas. He had it decorated in a holiday theme, but I dismantled it and attached many, many paper rose heads and leaves.

The wire basket includes a variety of pears made from natural items - not all of them identifiable to me. I think I bought them at Pier 1. The natural feel of this vignette in my bathroom is very calming to me. I'll have to post a picture of the leaf print/poster I made based on a project I saw in Martha Stewart Magazine years ago that hangs opposite of this vignette.

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