Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Paper Beads

It has been a long time since I posted anything here... but have been on a bit of a creative run. I tried out a "new" craft - paper beads. I read about them in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine I now get in addition to Somerset Studio, as well as saw a tutorial online at Go Make Something. Here is my first run - using a decorated paper of a neutral pattern and color. I added some glitter glue, stamp pad ink and some wire. I added a few extras as well.

Take a look at the bluish bead near the top center that is wrapped with turquoise wire. Do you see the blue bits of things that are embedded in the UTEE? These are fragments of a robin's egg that my kids and I found in our yard. I'll have to use this bead on a bird themed piece of my artwork.

Here is what the beads looked like before I used UTEE on them to make them "bead-like." Very easy to do this stage - and fun. I'm not as excited about adding the UTEE, because I was trying too hard to be perfect, and this medium does not allow it when you add many layers of the goopy stuff. Overall, a fun project and one I think I may use often to add a personal embellishment to my work.

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